Top Romantic Korean movies

There are numerous people who are quite fond of watching foreign movies and Korean films can in fact be quite entertaining for them. More specifically, those who are into the romance genre would actually find the Korean romantic films quite entertaining. So, here is a list of some really worth watching romantic Korean movies.

My Sassy girl

You think you have seen really good romance movies, well watching ‘My Sassy girl’ from 2001 might indeed change your mind. The film plot is quite vibrant and would surely captivate your mind. What is even more ideal is that this movie is quite perfect to be watched on a date.

IL Mare

Many of romance admirers might have watched the Hollywood romance movie ‘The Lakehouse’, well there is no harm in watching this Korean remake of the film from 2000. The film has been quite perfectly remade in this Korean version, while is equally touching and moving as the original.

My Little Bride

This 2004 Korean romantic comedy is about a carefree girl who has a crush on a guy from her school’s baseball team but eventually ends up marrying someone else due to promise her grandfather made. This film charmingly portrays the essence of having a first crush and how a young girl copes with marriage.


This romantic Korean movie is from 2006 and is more of a melodrama film following an Interpol detective, a painter and a hit man, all three of whom feature their own distinct perception of love and the twist in the movie can be even more entertaining.

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